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What am I

I am a developer, a drone enthusiast, a motorbike rider, and a coffee snob.

Hi, I'm Daniel

I'm a 4th year Software Engineering student at Monash University.
I currently work at Localz as a Software Engineer, and have previously worked at LiveTiles and Cyara.


Work Coffee Photo


For 8 hours a day I call a trendy start-up office in Melbourne CBD home. It has bean bags, games, and all the Melbourne coffee nearby you need (actually there can always be more).
This is the office of Localz.

As part of my activities I build enterprise native iOS and mixed platform (React Native) apps and SDKs. I also enjoy side projects dawbling in NodeJS such as our timesheet slackbot, OptimusTime.
If you'd like to build your own SDKs, you must first collect some coffee and unicorn tears (tears of joy). Check out one of the final products on Github here: SpotzSDK